March attendees will assemble, rain or shine, at Jenny Lincoln Park. The starting point will be on the corner of Harrison St and South St and will extend east on Harrison as the crowd grows.

The march will begin at approximately 10:30 AM and will head 0,5 miles straight up South St. The march will head into Park Central Square to be followed immediately by a rally. The speakers will consist of science communicators, educators and environmental activists.

*Due to the large number of attendees and other events occurring that day, be sure to allow an extra 30 minutes of travel time for traffic, parking and crowds.

What to bring
● A trash bag for collecting litter at Jenny Lincoln Park, along the route and in the Square.
● Bottled water
● Snacks
● March signs
● Your March For Science t-shirt!

  • Parking
    Parking is available in and around the park as well as several places downtown. Please avoid parking along the march route on South Street. A handy dandy downtown Springfield parking map can be found online here It’s All Downtown and as a Downloadable brochure





Downtown Springfield parking map