New Speaker: Dr. Wafaa Kaf

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Wafaa Kaf has joined the list of speakers for the March For Science.  Currently a professor at MSU, Dr. Kaf covers such topics as Genetics and Hearing Loss and Pediatric Audiology.  She has also done extraordinary work with Meniere’s disease.

Dr. Kaf has won many awards, including the Missouri State Foundation for Excellence in Teaching (2009) and the Margo Skinner Award for Outstanding Audiologist in Missouri (2009).  She also won the 2010 CAPCSD Honors of the Council award, among others.

You can watch an interview conducted by the March For Science organizer Eric Wells, and get a sense for her as a person as well as a scientist and academic.  A full biography can also be found here, along with information about other speakers and guests that are lined up for Saturday.