Why We March

As the March For Science approaches, it’s important to remember why we are marching, and that even among science enthusiasts, there are many reasons for marching.  This handy little graph shows some demographic information.


We polled those who have an interest in participating and found some great answers and a lot of trends.  The environment was a concern that came up many times, as did food supply for a booming population, and clean energy to allow independence from fossil fuels.  These are all great reasons to stand for science, and were only enhanced by some of the more personalized responses.  We captured some of the best and included them here for those who wonder why others turned out in support for science.

“I want to teach my kids about protesting for what you believe in and taking an active role in their society. I’m also concerned about the powers that be turning their backs on science to push personal interests.”

With the current administration, I am concerned that real facts in science will be discarded. I want to see my children get a good scientific education, and they have dreams of going into the STEM fields. Now, with funding being pulled from scientific research, education, national parks, etc., I fear my children’s dreams will die, and that their future is much more bleak than they know. When science is dismissed, not only by the American people but also by our government, we run the risk of endangering our children and generations after. We must show the world that we value science and the people working so hard to make our world sustainable.”

Without science, we become a society of ignorant, superstitious pawns.”

We cannot have our knowledge filtered through biased political groups. It goes against the basic scientific method of thinking critically and objectively. Frankly, it goes against the pure joy of discovery and will put a halt to all STEM endeavors. I’m very scared for the future. But that doesn’t mean I won’t fight for science.”

To show the country and world that the United States supports scientific research, despite the current administration’s reducing funding and attention for climate change and other research.”

Science is both a personal subject and a worldwide crucial topic.  We all feel strongly about protecting the Earth and its people, and believe the best way to do that is through knowledge, unfiltered and critically reviewed for accuracy.  Getting to the right answer isn’t just a goal, it’s a journey, and if we apply scientific principles to our everyday endeavors we would see improvement and and the emergence of an entirely new way of thinking.

Thanks to all for sharing their input.  We cannot wait to see you there, and hear your voice!


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