Springfield March For Science

Rain or shine, we will congregate in Jenny Lincoln Park on the corner of Harrison and South St. in downtown Springfield. We will march 0.5 miles straight up to Park Central Square for a rally with a lineup of some important voices in our community.

Dr. Pamela Gay, Director of Technology and Citizen Science at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and co-host of the podcast Astronomy Cast.

Crystal Quade, District 132 Missouri House Representative
Brandon Bond, People’s Climate Movement
Robert Powers, Professor Powers Science Symposium
Jennifer Conner, Sierra Club
Justin Thomas, NatureCITE
– Vicke Kepling, Peace Network of the Ozarks
– More to come!

You’re gonna want to know where we’ll be starting on April 22nd, right? Head on over to the March Route page for all that info.

Wear your solidarity with event t-shirts here: www.bonfire.com/scimarchspfdmo2/ (Available until March 22nd)
Proceeds go towards covering the cost of the event, which we are fundraising for here: www.gofundme.com/march-for-science-event-costs

March for Science national page: www.marchforscience.com
Our Global Partners: www.marchforscience.com/partners

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